San Clemente, CA based music artist, Jah Mex, has been learning and performing with reggae greats for over 20 years, including veteran Jamaican bassist, Fully Fullwood, who's produced two albums for Mex.

Various singles including "Dub You" and "Like A Lion" have been released featuring members of Jamaica's legendary Soul Syndicate Band. Jah Mex is currently at work on his third album, Narrow Gates. The album's first single, "My Lane", was released February 12, 2020. It's was recently featured on Bob Radio, a San Diego based radio show and blog hosted by D.J Carlos Culture. 

Jah Mex's live show is delivered by The Translators, featuring Albert Hertado on guitar, Eaux Bain on bass, Dave Fulkerson and Blake Bartz on drums, and Jah Mex fronting the band on keys, vocals and melodica. A high energy stage show, combined with spirit led connection to the audience has inspired new fans in various Socal venues including Mozambique, Winstons, The Wayfarer and Yost Theatre. Read full bio here. 


Jah Mex

Sneak preview download for the homies, self produced single featuring Stevie "Tiger Tone" Verhault on guitar and me, Jah Mex, on keyboards, vocals, synth bass, drum programing and melodica. This song comes from some wisdom shared to me by a friend in Puerto Rico who showed me around some sacred spots on the island. All the place he took us to looked and felt absolutely magical. I found my self saying the phrase "this place is amazing" a lot. Each time I said it, my friend would look towards me with a pretty serious gaze and say "everywhere you go, there you are". The chorus in this song comes from the message I took out of my friends words on an island that was miles away from home. It was on that trip that I began to realize that we carry our "baggage" with us on and off vacation. As Bob Marley said, "you can't run away from your self". The picture for this single's artwork is me on the beach in Ensenada, Mexico sometime in the early 80's. When I see this picture it reminds me of my true nature. One love.

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    E.Y.G 3:43
dub reggae by Jah mex featuring fully fullwood

New self produced EP out now, primarily instrumental dubs with a touch of vocals. If features reggae legend, Fully Fullwood on bass, Chuck Treece on drums, Stevie "Tiger Tone" Verhault on guitar, Cassie Christen on vocals, Lucian Lianti on melodica and Jah Mex on keys, melodica and production. Click the artwork above to hear it now.